Saturday, 4 February 2012

Watercolour Lady

Just been browsing on Youtube and was amazed to see this speed painting video. Just love the loose style of this painting by Isn't it just stunning.

Payday Canvas

Ladies who lunch met for a playday yesterday. We had all watched this youtube video and were inspired to make a canvas. This is mine, my first effort at canvas with a person in it.

Camera mistake picture not taken in natual daylight but is actually the canvas is on a piece of white drawing paper but the picture is a little dark.

Pat's canvas is here and Ann's canvas is here.

Updated photo in daylight, the colours are sooo much better.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stampotique Art Journaling

These pages were started on Saturday 28th when I spent the day at AFTH with Kate Crane journalling with Stampotique stamps.

I ordered some new to me Faber and Castell Gelatos (as seen in the photo) from Simonsaysstamp in USA on 25th Feb, well much to my surprise they arrived here 31st that must be a record. I used them to tint the faces and to quieten down the black which ran away with me! They are water soluable and sort of waxy and with a creamy opaque consistancy. Thank you Simonsaysstamp.

January done

So far so good January completed, and February ready.