Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I Remember When.....

Miss you x

Work in Progress

Added a bit of doodling, some new legs and of course a hat.....

Monday, 28 June 2010

Image transfer

Just worked through the tutorial on "Got paint in my hair" only I had to sub the packing tape for 2" wide sellotape (because I haven't any packing tape) which it appears works as well. It is slightly grainy but that adds to the texture. Thank you Clare.

Balls x 5

Just a quickie, background, border and first line done before kick off. The rest is history.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Oodles of .... Peel Offs

Only managed 11 backgrounds yesterday! The class was busy with regular faces and new ones. Dy took us through loads of techniques. We can all now get our balls jumping off the page. But the big surprise technique was using peel off yes you read it right Dy was teaching us to use peel offs........ with Altered Originals Dye Inks, book pages, gesso, Distress Inks, Dabbers and a range of paints I haven't used before Blond Moments Acrylic Lustre Paints. What I cannot work out is how I have missed them when attending AFTH for 2 years? Even better they are on offer, I think it was 3 for £7.50. The paints have a great lustre and are a rich creamy consistency. On this background we stuck on bits of book page distressed the book page added gesso, lustre painted, dabbers and sprayed through masks and used the negative as well from the mask to build up a layered background.....

The second background has fewer layers but still with loads of interest I mixed Granite - Altered Originals Ink with Festive Candy Pearls to give a two tone spray, again used both the positive and negative of the mask.

The new inks are definitely essential tools we all NEED.

Journal Volume 2

I find it calming to journal now, so here is my latest calm me down...

Monday, 14 June 2010

June - Sunday Journal Challenge

We had to choose a colour I chose turquoise but not journaled on the page yet. Not much space for writing! Borders from magazines.

Doodle 2. . . more . . .

These are a couple of backgrounds done on Doodle 2 ready to journal later. The background colour is mainly some new spray inks. Yes very soon. The colours are bright and vibrant. These pictures do not show the vibrancy of the colours. Have a look at Dyan's blog - inky journal.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Doodle 2. . .

Doodle 2 day was last Thursday with Dyan. Fab day we picked up loads of different styles and techniques including adding people to a page when you cannot draw!

Journal Weekend at AFTH

Enjoyed a weekend away recently at AFTH just journalling. One of the projects we did started by choosing a colour. When we had all chosen we were told what we had to do with that colour.... find different textures of that colour in magazines and make a border with them. I chose PINK . . . . .


Recently acquired a coffee machine and am enjoying tasting different blends. I am only allowed a max of 2 cups a day so I thought I may as well have a better taste than instant..... and yes it is a much better flavour. So I journalled about it......

May - Sunday Journal Challenge

We were given a challenge at the May Sunday Journal Class at AFTH to journal a page using the road sign to Twatt which may offend some people, but, as it is not the correct spelling of the slang word I hope very few will take offense. The people who live there are obviously quite at home with it!! Check out other submissions from Kate and hopefully Pat will upload hers.