Saturday, 28 August 2010

Here's One I Made Earlier

Had a great time at AFTH on 20th July making a canvas graffiti bag. We sprayed with Altered Originals (16 colours now to choose from) added colour with Blonde Moments Paint, masks, gesso and doodling were added, eyelets put in and then laced up. There was use of the sewing machine inserting a lining and top stitching which was a new experience for some. Everyone did very well producing their bags, and they were worthy of taking out as a summer accessory. A great day which SHOULD BE REPEATED.

This second bag was made at AFTH at the 50th Birthday celebrations for Sandy Poppins. A great idea for a party with a difference. We were all thinking about Dy on the night and hoping she was well enough to go home, which thankfully was the case. We did miss you Dy but embarked on the evening in the very capable hands of Katie. Again everyone made bags that would enhance an outfit. And a fun evening was had by all. We were all given party bags which contained Starbucks cards loaded and ready to go. When they have been used we all have a memento to keep by using them as 'splogers' in future art work! Thank you Sandy.

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