Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Banish your Skeletons

Had a lovely day on Sunday Art Journaling at AFTH the challenge being Skeletons and monsters. I thought I was going to struggle as I don't do halloween and the stamps were on that theme. Just used the cobweb and a very small skeleton disappearing of the page. Everyone laughed at my spider which looked a bit like a cow on Sunday but I've plumped it up as it has eaten all the flies, and hopefully now it looks, yes I know nothing like a spider still. I now have to clean my act up! Wonder how long I will be able to keep it up? I'm not telling what's in the secret pocket though!


  1. The spider does look more like a spider and less like a cow now!! Fab page, still haven't finished mine

  2. This is a fabulous page Chris, it really made me laugh, and I adore your spider.

  3. the spider looks 'normal' now!!!!! just your version is different, nothing wrong with different. love the page. Good to see you... Ciao xx